Embrace the Fall


Embrace the Fall and get ready for a Happy Landing!

When we fall, often we hit the ground hard. It’s not that a soft landing was expected, it’s that each time the little voice inside cries out, “Not again!”

But do not despair,

I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

even Abraham Lincoln had his bad days.

We all have days where wisdom runs in the opposite direction and leaves us for dust, cowering under the duvet; days where we feel an enormous sense of helplessness and fragility, days where we wish every atom of out being would feel differently, but we are human so this is an experience we all must face, even old Abraham- we all fall!

We are meant to.

During a fall, it’s heartening to have a selection of places to go, at least, until you reach your safe landing.

  • The foot of a large oak tree; to sit and count acorns, reading the works of great poets, such as Dylan Thomas, E.E Cummings or Ted Hughes.
  • The seat of a bicycle; a frame of wheel-spinning love, to pedal on, knowing that greater good is coming (sometimes we can’t see it) it is hidden round sharp corners, but it has some answers.
  • A waterfall (this can be real or imagined) both will work. This will provide toe dipping and hand swimming trickles to sooth your troubled mind as the ripples dance back into your soul.
  • The arms of a friend; they will hold you as long as you need it. They will never judge your journey. They have been sent to help you along the path when it crumbles under your feet.
  • The meditating blanket of the present moment; take time out! Stop the clocks. Breathe in and out. Don’t count the seconds. Time could be a hundred tides, or a million. Time can heal if you let it. Take time for yourself. Heal from the inside; time here is never wasted.

The happy landing can take time. It can put you in a place where you least expected. Even with a parachute of love and patience it can seem a long way down. But as you fall, look at the sky, pay attention to it, look closely. You will land (eventually), so while you’re here you might as well take comfort in the view. Falling and landing; like the right and the left, up and the down, inner and outer, both required, heaven and earth; the source and the attempt to get there. Maybe we have landed, a crash landing? A landing we are there…a participation in the opposites will lead to the source. So I guess we are already there… Maybe it doesn’t always feel like it, but these days I look at a blip (brief departure from the normal) with new eyes; brown weepy walrus eyes of wisdom. I think should I be giving thanks for this fall, yes? Suddenly I am grateful. I search for a reason, like a pig looks for truffles in a dimly lit forest; I watch the stars for answers to my misguided prayers and I wait! It’s here for a reason, this blip, this fall, and the waiting is good; it might feel like your heart has been covered in honey and left for the ants to carry away, but it must be done. I do not know the reason, it is not for me to know. It is for me to accept and embrace the free fall! I am here and I will get there. (Or wherever I need to be.)

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.”

Neil Gaiman, The Sandman

When I land on my knees, scraped and bleeding, I know that when I get up again it will be to a new horizon, the one I couldn’t see before; it’s the reason I fell. It’s the reason we all fall, only the names and places might be different. We all have these times of searching in the wilderness, living on scattered crumbs, biting out weary chewed nails. This is survival, for those moments, but I am still alive; battered and bruised (who isn’t) but I am alive and sing a song of grateful joy to the God of Falling. (Her wisdom always comes to save me.) Sing it always, “I am alive” and she will never fail, her wings of love will wrap around your sticky heart and say, “I know you well. Everything is right.” We may not believe her when we look into her eyes, but we trust. We trust. She is the universe. Yes, she is the Universe, so how can we not?

When I was teaching, it was clear that children learn in different ways; what works for one child may not work for another. We are the same. Just like the children, we all need different things at different times. It’s the same with the universe. Here’s where the trust comes in, just as the children put their trust in you as a teacher, we have to put our trust in the universe, she will give us what we need. She is your teacher. She will show you the way that is right for you. Not anyone else- you! Your journey is your own. Unique. A finely woven silver web of thoughts and feelings and creations, like the spiders worthy legs spinning; you too have worked at your own masterpiece, your own tapestry of life, embroidered it with love and hurt as and when you felt them. It is yours alone to behold, protect and grow. Build your web with joy. Stop and look what you have sown. Again you are alive. This web is your testament. Build it well and build it with love.

As to Fall

As to wither and to fall, floats a boat with my name.

Waves wild and calm have taught, have led…

Along the shores I reach, I walk

On sandy times of love and pain,

A constant foot before me-

I step, I reach, each foot anew

To walk along fresh shores,

each moment present, ever true.

As to wither and to fall another resting place to find,

A cave of love with sadness gone, the waves crash in,

The rhythms beat, until a heart abounds and bursts,

Fresh tunes of nature’s song, my ears elope to joy,

And as to wither, never die- a song begins,

Renewed I cry!

As to wither and to fall floats a boat with my name.

Waves wild and calm have taught, have led…

Along the shores I reach, I walk

On sandy times of love and pain,

A constant foot before me- I step, I reach

Each foot anew to walk along fresh shores,

each moment present, ever true.


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