Ideas for Meditation with Children and the Benefits

Clearing thoughts can be so powerful!

I would always start a teaching day with some focus on a thought or a piece of music or affirmation or question for the children. For example, “What will be my best moment today? Can you see it now? Who are you going to be today?” Setting intentions and feeling as one in the classroom felt right. A gift of peace and kindness to the moment. It was a mindful start to a day. It had feel good factor too!

For years, my Lion King music CD fast became a favourite way to start the morning or end of the day. Who could resist the Africa drumming sounds filtering through the classroom. Our imaginations transporting us to another world through the music. Children’s arms raised to the sky, and calm filling the air, guided through the music into the moment. Children loved the curling of arms and shapes they made to the music floating through the classroom. This was a meditative way to start our day, washing away distractions and focussing on the day and moment we wanted ahead for our learning adventures.

Of course it was an introduction to meditation and mindfulness. It became a vital part of our school day for me and the children. The benefits were obvious. The children would ask for it and remind me when we were running late. Music and story is a great introduction for kids into mindfulness and enjoying the moment or setting intentions!

A Bear’s Sleepy Journey is a similar story, in that it is essentially about thoughts and feelings, which can help children relax at bedtime and ultimately fall asleep. It can be used in the same way to give a child (often their first) experience of a guided meditation story. Following Drowsy bear in the Rainbow Caves can be a powerful experience, as the child is transported into their own imagination. Growth, peace, confidence and happiness are all spoken of clearly in the Rainbow Caves and with the children helping Drowsy find his answers, of course, they too find their own!

This is a wonderful way for a child to connect with they subconscious thoughts and help them feel calmer and happier, more relaxed and better sleeping. This book uses psychology to help and a mindful approach to relaxation. It uses a progressive muscle relaxation technique, so the body relaxes and the mind is ready to take on positive suggestions for sleep, growth and calm thoughts.

The benefits of meditation for mind, body and spirit are being used more and more to help us connect with ourselves. Resetting old feelings with new thoughts and moving us forward in new ways. Here’s 12 benefits of a meditation story-

Benefits for Mind

– builds compassion and awareness

-boosts cognitive function

– helps will power

-increases concentration and focus

Benefits for Body

-boosts immune system

-lowers blood pressure

– fosters healthy body image

– boosting oxygen to brain

Benefits for Spirit

-builds empathy and compassion

– helps sense of connection to world and others

– helps relationships

– increases self knowledge

Good luck with your meditation practice…

Have fun with it and experiment; try different music, books, guided meditations and singing bowls.

Here is A Bear’s Sleepy Journey Bear Journey book to buy on Amazon to get you started!

Practice and ten minutes every morning and afternoon will make a huge difference!


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