Internet Safety for kids~ 10 Rules to follow!


1. Never give any personal information to anyone~ address, age, mobile, phone numbers, location on social media, SnapChat or Instagram.

2. Never agree to meet anyone off the internet. Tell a parent or trusted grown up if anyone asks you to meet them!

3. Check with parents or guardian before you post any pictures or photos online.

4. Never respond to rude text messages or emails. Delete any unwanted messages or people and tell a grown-up you trust, so they can deal with it and if necessary block this person.

5. Never share your passwords with friends, only a parent or guardian who will need to know.

6. Don’t download unknown software without checking with parents.

7. Use privacy settings on social media, discuss with a parent, or guardian what you want to post if you are unsure in any way.

9. If you feel uncomfortable about anything online, check with an adult you trust~always  tell a parent, guardian or teacher!

10. Don’t let strangers talk to you online unless your parent or guardian has checked it’s ok first. If you are approached by strangers online, do not add them to your friend’s list, always check out if they are who they say they are!


                                          Beware the Dreaded Internet!

Beware the dreaded internet!

Dear children you must not forget~

This land of fantasy and false,

with a hint of truth and a pinch of salt!

A slice of life, a piece of pie…

But nothing certain meets the eye.


There are rules to be learned,

There are lessons to be had,

For keeping safe,

‘Cas when things go bad…

When a truthless fobber

Like a night time robber,

Seeks to find an opportunity to be kind~

To a lonely boy or a little old nan,

but there’s deviousness in their evil plan~

To lie and cheat and pretend to you,

Flash their screen with sprinkles of ‘fix-it’ glue!


But they’re rotten dear,

So please listen well,

Cas you won’t spot them clearly,

As it’s hard to tell.

When you see a screen looking~ ‘fun and games,’

On the other side could be a rancid shame~

Of devilish needs and seedy plans;

Don’t let them in,

Don’t talk to them!


Yes, they’re hard to see to the untrained eye,

You will need some skills to spot the lie.

To a girl, or a boy, or a grey-haired nana,

It’s important to recognise a mirky scammer.


So please beware when sharing YOU!

Keep your details safe,

Keep your address book closed,

On the internet, you could be exposed!


So when online be diligent and true~

Don’t give information that tells a stranger about you.


Don’t post photos of your bits and bumps,

Of your private trinkets, or your best friend’s lumps!


Keep your laptops open, let you parents peep~

Let communication flow with the ones you know.


There’s a secret truth we don’t want to say~

but we’ve got to share it

It won’t go away~

It’s a dirty secret,

It’s got grit and chop.

But to keep you safer we must let you know the lot!


We must tell you children, yes we must implore!

Keep your details private till you know the score.

There’s learning, fun, knowledge and a wealth of games,

Computers can be such a fantastic place!

But there’s lessons here we must insist on~

To ensure your safety while you’re having lots of fun!


Sometimes in life there’s a dark little twist,

Where dreams get dark, so we must be swift!


So when a friendly message comes to say “Hello!”

Think how well you know them?

Are they somebody you know?


Of the dark and the rotten, could a friendly ear?

Be saying all the things that want to hear?

Could they be ready and waiting when you’re feeling sad?

When you’ve had a barney with your mum and dad?


Sometimes, a friendly-typer is a chomping fraud!

They could want money, or a photo, or to meet them abroad.


Of course, we know that you’ll laugh and say,

“Not me! I’m not that easily persuaded,

No, I’m not that way!”

But sometimes they will get you in the dead of day!

When you least expect or when you feel dismay.

Then claim to be a friend, a happy chap,

But could underneath, be none of that!


There’s dark and dismal,

Rotten to the core!

A parent’s nightmare,

Or the devil’s claw!


We must insist on open doors,

And let you grow~

You must talk to us,

About who you know.

On the internet when life gets blurry,

When a fifteen-year-old hunk,

could be really thirty!!


Could be tall, could be short, could be fifty-three!

Could be wacky, or just nasty, could be Mr No-bo-dy!


But he’s out to get you or he’s closing in,

Wants a piece of your party, wants to pull you in!


So be aware dear friend,

When you type and skype,

If you know this person?

know that they’re alright?

Talk about them with your friends,

Let your peeps say “Hello!”

If they don’t want to do this,

then they have to go!


‘Cas he may seem lovely

and he may seem cool,

But for all you know,

He’s a purple-pimply-nasty from a different school!


Don’t give your number!

Don’t give your address!

Let your parents know who’s sending you an online request!


No secret’s worth it from behind the screen~

When a tempting nightmare becomes an ugly dream,


Or the pop star person who you’re writing to,

Is who they say they are,

Who they claim to be?

Not a weedy stink, or a twisted tree!!

Or a rotten plot, or a dirty puddle!


I know it’s not nice to burst your internet bubble!


But we must come clean,

We must let you hear~

There are grisly people who we all must fear.


When you use this ‘beast’ there are things that stink,

There’s an ugly side to this beautiful thing!


So if your world changes,

For a secret cuddle,

Or a chatty letter from a gorgeous model?


Please think twice who might be hiding,

In the bushes of your laptop,

Who’s really doing the typing?


Make sure it’s safe,

Check with people you trust

It’s our online duty,

It really is a must!


Keep your parents around!

Keep your peeps informed!

Because awareness is best,

Then you’ll be forewarned.


So when the ‘dark-line’ finds you,

And it may,


It may not,


You’ll be safe and sound,

Cas you won’t trust the lot!


You will look a bit further, you will think

Is this too good to be true?

Is Justin Bieber really calling for holiday, in Timbuktu?

Is Harry Potter on the line?

Is Beyonce calling,

Or is it a nasty trawler on the darker side a-crawling?


You’ll be wary, you’ll be wiser,

You’ll keep your feet on the ground.


You won’t run off to China, you’ll know better than that!

Don’t meet a stranger at the station,

It’s a different train!

Or get a cab with a lad, you don’t know from Adam~

Keep these worms at bay!


Don’t go to a house on your own,

To a place you don’t know!

Tell a person you trust if you’re feeling low.

Keep it open!

Keep it real!

Keep it safe, safe, safe!


Cas there’s worms trying to find you on this online place!


Keep your parents in the loop,

even when you think they’re snooping…

It’s their job to keep you protected from a world-polluted!


They must know with whom you natter on the In-ter-net,

Cas sometimes in life,

You can’t risk the bet!


Is it a handsome boy, or an ugly toad?

Could be either? Could be both?

Though you just don’t know…


So follow the rules,

So you know who’s calling!

Save yourself from the internet

And nasties who are trawling.


Who behind your screen?

Are they good or bad?

Are they someone who is lonely?

Or somebody gone bad?


See behind the screen could be a nightmare,

or it could be a dream?

But it’s best to check,

Keep it real, keep it clean!


For a robot or a stinker, or a beer- bellied bum,

Or a person who is looking for some special kinda fun!


Or a person who says what you want to hear?

Maybe friendly, maybe chatty, maybe very nice,

But don’t be maybe very fooled,

They could be cold as ice!


Make sure, they are who the claim to be?

Tell a teacher, friend, or parent if they ask you out for tea!


Keep online safe,

Keep it safe and sweet!

Keep your instincts handy on the internet beat!


Use your head,

Use your wits,

Use your trusted friends!

Don’t bottle it up!

You don’t have to pretend.


Keep your laptops handy when you parent asks,

Check you’re not in danger from a face

behind their online-mask!


This can be a headache, or a pain in the bottom~

But these rules are important

And must never ever be forgotten!

Stay safe online!




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