8 Ways to Teach Resilience to Kids!

Katherine Mullin


Bouncing back may be one of the best lessons you ever have! Resilience can be a dynamic quality and can be developed over time and of course, we all need resilience to get through life with more ease.

Resilient people look for solutions, they see things differently and look for the lessons in the adversity. If we can teach kids that they can learn how to bounce back, it means they are better equipped to cope with stress and change as they go through life.

Resilient children are better equipped to resist stress and adversity, cope with change and uncertainty, and to recover faster and more completely from traumatic events or episodes.” Balckburn & Newman, 2002″ 

Promoting resilience in school or at home, can; lessen behavioural problems and promote well-being, it can give a sense of belonging, and increase enjoyment and achievement.

As a teacher, it’s always an admirable…

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