One sleepless night… take journey with me!

Katherine Mullin

One sleepless night… take journey with me!cover

A Bear’s Sleepy Journey was the best way I knew to give a child every chance at getting to relaxing and getting to sleep.

I had always wanted to write a book and as a school teacher with a passion for poetry that’s what I did and in the November of 2015, my sister and I created our first book, Pongy Stinkbelly finds a friend a funny poem and story about a sad little character who finds a friend. It was a sweet story of humour, self- acceptance and empathy. Liz and I had talked of doing a book for years, (as I had always written and she was a digital illustrator) and this was our chance and we took it (and held on tightly), as she had been made redundant and agreed to illustrate the book while she was looking for a new job.

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