Sometimes We Grieve

Katherine Mullin

Grief appears in all of our lives we cannot escape it, it gets in the bones. Every fibre will be taken, every fibre belongs to grief now.

Grief isn’t polite, it doesn’t wait for an invite. It comes alone- a solitary blanket; blessing and curse all at once. The timing of it can often be as hard to handle as the grief itself, let’s face it the timing is always out. Whatever form it takes and whenever it arrives, it stays, maybe even forever for some and though it changes in form, it’s presence is felt deeply by all.

But what of our grief. One thing I know now, it is never in vain. It teaches us to walk again- at a difference pace, to a different tune.

Our once heavy footsteps marched on with a stealthy pace, now a gentle footstep will place it’s print in the sand of…

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