Katherine Mullin

1. A person reading with dyslexia may get 20 times more exhausted using 20 times more energy than a typical reader. Allow extra time for tasks to compensate, or have a scribe/writing partner to help.

2. Everyone with dyslexia has a special gift, as their dyslexic brain will work amazingly well in a different way to a typical brain.

3. It’s worth finding out what this special gift is. Ask what the person is good at or likes doing. They may like building 3d models or be great at problem solving.

4. Children with dyslexia may have very creative brains and see the bigger picture.

5. Reading a flat 2d page may be difficult for someone with dyslexia who may see their world in 3d images, or moving pictures.

6. Holding a book up in the air, or tilting the page may be easier to read, find something that can…

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