Why we love our Liverpool Independents

If you believe that love makes the world go round, then you’re in the right place, Liverpool!


Liverpool has always been a maverick and it’s fast becoming a city packed with cool independent businesses to suit your every desire. It’s a city that’s always been cherished, and now there’s even more reason to love it!

Liverpool’s Independents are here to woo you, go steady, or maybe even propose! Love is definitely in the air!

 You can bet these locals’ (business) plans read like Shakespearean sonnets; sweet with passion from every pore! They win the hearts of their customers; with food which tastes like your favourite love story, and music events that shape your soul; just for heart-trembling starters. This love will lead you right to the door of Independent Liverpool. Knock three times and we’ll give you choice like never before. This, with the passion of John and Yoko, it can only be pure ‘Heebie-Jeebies’ love! This city will get your inquisitive scouse-feet tapping.

In every metaphorical, literal and ‘anything- else- able’ way, your Liverpool life will be brimming full with whatever you fancy, from whiskey to whole foods your desires will be met. Stir in some vintage fashion and drink it up! And don’t forget the venues; from homely hubs like Moon and Pea, to historical giants of The Camp and Furnace~ this is a never ending love story. Love us and we love you back. Dizzy with choice and I’m in love! 92 Degrees coffee cups will clink, The Merchant gin will swirl, and beer in Bier will flow to your hearts content.

These Independents will rock your beautiful Scouse pride.

As the Independent Liverpool skyline grows, it’s a sunset you won’t want to miss!


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