Happy New Year Readers, Writers and Venus!

A beautiful moon with Venus to welcome in the New Year #2017img_4022

The sense made in words is everything to a writer; liberation comes watching as they tumble onto a page, immortalised for all to see. The reader can look, take, leave, or twist, that’s their journey, but the writer gives this gift in good faith. Their soul can fly again in hidden depths in front of their eyes. It relives what’s inside as it comes out onto the page. They make their peace and share for those who need a piece; a thread of light, unravelled like a road of gold in the black night sky. A weary traveller may come by, stop for a while, see what needed to be heard, and what they needed to hear. It’s give and take, but no one commands how much, how little, what timing, the when, the where; these all play out in a perfect place; the moon, the sea, the stars, they all get a mention, they all come and go; they sing and dance on the page, dazzling in the distance, the light enchants, beckoning more; always more.


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