Reading for boys has to be smelly, right?

Katherine Mullin

The challenge of getting boys reading is a tricky one, and research shows us that boys will spend less time reading outside the classroom! So what can be done?

Here’s my top tips to get boys into books and reading!

Pongy Stinkbelly finds a Friend

Fiction with flawed characters and special characteristics will interest boys!

Books with flawed characters really seem to appeal to boys. They may see reading as something which is too goody goody; but give them a strange flawed character, then suddenly, it might be of interest. (It’s the same for girls, of course too, it has to be said, but if the focus is boys, it does sometimes present a different challenge.)

Books with disastrous storylines or weirdly odd characters, which boys can relate to will get their interest. Great examples of this~ The BFG, Revolting Rhymes, Harry Potter, Mr. Stink and A Boy Called Christmas…

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