Sleepy Bears help at bedtime!

Katherine Mullin

A Bear’s Sleepy Journey on Amazon

If you’re wondering how a children’s bedtime book can help sleep then let me explain…

This is a special story to lead your child to sleep easily and effortlessly, night after night. As your child listens, their subconscious mind will hear the words as you read them and (just like programming a computer) the mind will be programmed for sleep.

(Using the subconscious mind is more effective than the conscious mind as we are all run by the subconscious mind. Did you know, 90 % of your actions are subconscious decisions based on previous patterns of behaviour?)

The story starts with an introduction to relaxation. As you read the words, “…Sleepy toes, sleepy ears, sleepy neck,” and so on, your child will start to relax. Once your child is calm, lying down and feeling relaxed, then the magic story can begin.

The bears, Drowsy and…

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