With World Book Day looming, should we really be so afraid of ‘the big bad wolf’?


With World Book Day next week, what can we learn from one of the most notorious characters every written? One of my fave characters the big bad wolf, often in trouble, has bad press and order manly bad breath, but is he all bad, or does he teach us more about the wolf inside us all?  🐺 

The psychology and even physiology of the wolf in fairy stories links us with our own inner sense of self, if we think about what the wolf represents in the subconscious mind, maybe we can learn what we fear may not always be quite so bad?!

🐺Throughout our lives the big bad wolf represents fear, evil outside of us or inside our heads.

🐺There’s more than one type of wolf to contend with, in life and in stories. For some people the wolf archetype represents a person, someone who makes them feel scared or inferior.

🐺A wolf is full of contradictions in that he can be charming but deceitful. Do we feel sorry for him, he is planning to eat Red Riding Hood? Is it just because he’s greedy, or is he genuinely hungry?

🐺Life can be tough, sometimes we are winning, sometimes we’re rock bottom. It doesn’t change our feelings and who we are. The wolf uses the skills and talents he has to survive.

🐺If you compare this to the wolf in your own life you might be able to take a step back and view the character differently. Consider their motivation/ their inner flaws that make them human, what makes them behave the way they do?

🐺Why should they change their behaviour if it’s innately happening, they have attached to their story long ago and cannot shake it, or even need it to fulfill more of the same behaviour. Is it because they are destined being a bully by choice, or is there more to it? Do they perhaps feel insecure for some reason?

🐺Turn the story around and reverse the roles as you did with the wolf and your feelings of fear may change to understanding. Oh We could analyse the wolf for ever… charm and fear, often do go hand in hand; when we face our fear we feel exhilarated, we celebrate, so maybe there has to be a certain charm to our fears to help us overcome them.

🐺Anyway whether you love or hate Mr Wolf

🐺 in the story we all know that he’s never far away and we must always be in guard, but appreciate that the wolves can be good and bad, depending on how we look at them!





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