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The Rwandan Refugee

The Rwandan Refugee

I am of Tutsis origin. My roots are gone.

My family hacked by Hutus hands,

On our troubled rubbled land.

I sit a part of this, yet am no part.

My body just another child;

Stunned, bewildered and beguiled,

Perhaps politically exiled?

Has the independence of 1962

Brought us only to Goma through a trial of governments,

Killed or crashed?

Lost to find an aftermath…

Thousands fled, missing troops

Part and parcelled bloodied troops.

My hunger added for their cause,

We did flee of course of our own accord.

The U.N stepped on our muddy road,

Tried to unburden our heavy load,

Yet solutions not to find they have,

Just easing tensions never to be eased,

And now again to Zaire we flee-

A homeland will we have again?

Who on this cruel dry life less terrain?

Nothing left to lose or left gain,

Our fight continues…

Mine for life, theirs to reign!

Theirs to reign!

Governments stepped in and out again,

Criticised twice, both moves in vain.

Help from ones unknown to me,

Consciences eased,

some people retrieved

But refugees still unrelieved.

The walk that we must tread as one,

I walk alone, in thousands,


And now to live… or still die,

My loss, who’s gain?

And all this aid… for me in vain.

Remembering Rwanda from 1994.

Poem written in 1996