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Pongy Poetry

Balloons with hot air,
balloons to show you care.
Balloons of cheer up wishes,
balloons with waves and kisses.
Balloons in the sky,
ballons flying by…
Balloons of good luck,
balloons of “What’s up chuck?”
Balloons that fill your heart,
balloons to celebrate a new start.
Balloons of red white and green
balloons to fly away to your dreams…


Kindness Matters

Ideas for a kinder classroom with Pongy StinkbellyScreen Shot 2017-05-29 at 23.34.05.png

Promoting kindness in the classroom and everywhere!


How to Face Your Fear~ A Survivor’s​ Guide

How to Face Fear~ A Survivor’s Guide


The Lost King

My new novel for The Lost King for 8-12 year olds on Amazon

Softly Glow… Sit in the Questions

Visit the post for more.

Source: Softly Glow… Sit in the Questions

A Psychological Approach to Bedtime

…using A Bear’s Sleepy Journey book Who would have thought bedtime could become a science in itself? The use of story has always been celebrated, and now, with A Bear’s Sleepy Jou…

Source: A Psychological Approach to Bedtime

Facing Fear~ Survivor’s Guide

My article on facing fears linked to Rebelle Society~ Face Fears Survivors Guide ~ Rebelle Society

Source: Facing Fear~ Survivor’s Guide

Sometimes We Grieve

Grief appears in all of our lives we cannot escape it, it gets in the bones. Every fibre will be taken, every fibre belongs to grief now. Grief isn’t polite, it doesn’t wait for an inv…

Source: Sometimes We Grieve

Benefits of meditation in the classroom

For years, my Lion King cd was a great way to start the morning and end the day with the Savannah in Africa drumming through the classroom; Kensington seemed a million miles away for me and the chi…

Source: Benefits of meditation in the classroom

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